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1 - This is a reminder to parents and guardians that if you are Moving or Changing Schools over the summer to please notify the school as soon as possible at

This information is needed for Transportation and for the planning of classes.

2 – If your child has Medication at the office, please make arrangements to have it picked up by 3:45 June 28.

Please complete a Request and Consent for Administration of Medication form for the next school year 2016-17 beginning September 6, 2016 in order for the school to administer medication to your child. Please ensure to verify the expiration date on the medication you send to the school.  The form does need to be signed by your child’s physician.  Please make sure to have this completed form with your child’s medication for September.

3 - We would like to remind you to confirm each child’s Eligibility for Transportation after August 17 and prior to the beginning of the School Year at

Transportation eligibility changes from kindergarten to grade 1.  Kinder's must meet the distance of 800 meters and grades 1-6 must meet the distance of 1.6 km. 

Eligibility by Distance 1. The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) shall provide transportation for students of member school Boards who reside, or in the case of students in elementary grades from Junior Kindergarten to grade 8 whose caregiver resides, within the designated attendance and/or program boundary of the school they are attending and meet the minimum transportation eligibility distances as follows: 


Junior and/or Senior Kindergarten 0.8 km or more

Grades 1 to 8 1.6 km or more 

Grades 9-12 3.2 km or more 


The caregiver address shall supersede the home address within the designated attendance boundary of the school attended for distance measurement purposes. The pick up and drop off addresses must be consistent five (5) days a week.


Parents are advised to go to OSTA's website and check the walk boundary map for the school ( and following the series of links.

Do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.