posted Jul 4, 2016, 6:09 PM by carole.parent@ocsb.ca
As we end a successful school year, we would like to say thank you and goodbye to the following people:
Monique Gagnon; retiring, Diane Laurin; retiring, Shari Kajiura; retiring, Angele Mansfield; transferring to St. Peter HS, Sarah Fields; transferring to George Vanier, Michelle Hoban; transferring to Good Shepherd, Debbie Plante; transferring to St. Dominique, Tracey Shreibert; transferring to St. Dominique, Pauline Powell; transferring to St. Dominique, Maria Skau; transferring to St. Clare, Simone Beausoleil; transferring to St. Bernard, Heather Godin; transferring to Convent Glen. Best wishes to all!