Welcome Back Information SK to Gr 6

posted Sep 3, 2019, 7:10 AM by Michelle McGarry

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer with family and friends! We are looking forward to welcoming back our returning families and meeting our new families that are joining our community this year! St Francis is a vibrant, caring and innovative school community dedicated to the learning of all: students and adults!

Attached you will find  Kinder Transition, Primary Transition and Junior Transition files that will show the people you will meet, many of the places where your child will learn in their school, as well as where you can drop off and pick up your child if they walk or come to school by car. We hope the pictures will help your child to feel more comfortable beginning school in September!

What are the first day of school procedures? 

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 3, 2019.  Morning recess will be from 9:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. Staff will have a class list posted outside, weather permitting and will be outdoors welcoming students. Doors will open at 9:15 a.m. and students can proceed to their class with their educators. If it is raining we will meet in the gym.

Class Lists:

 Please remember that class organization is always tentative until reviewed by our Human Resources Department and Senior Admin and are not finalized until the end of September. You will, of course, be notified if your child is involved in any change of class or teacher. All educators spend many hours collaborating to ensure we have the best class groupings. We take into consideration many factors and take this very seriously; please know that we look to see what is best for all of our students. We appreciate your support in this regard.

Staff List for the 2019/2020 School Year:

Kindergarten Teachers & ECEs:

KA: Jessica Laberge (ECE)

Chantal Storm (FSL) - Mon, Wed, alternate Fridays

Crystal Mastromatteo (Eng) -  Tues, Thurs, alternate Fridays

NOTE: students & ECEs will stay in their class and the teachers will move.

KB: Amy Cleveland (ECE) 

Crystal Mastromatteo (Eng) - Mon, Wed, alternate Fridays 

Chantal Storm (FSL)  - Tues, Thurs, alternate Fridays

NOTE: students & ECEs will stay in their class and the teachers will move.



Primary Teachers:

1A: Nancy Janus (Eng) & Lyn-Anne Cote (FSL)

1B: Sonia Hamilton (Eng) & Nancy Kearnan (FSL)

1/2: Shelley Miller (Eng) & Lyn-Anne Cote (FSL)

2A: Aaron Leonhardt (Eng) & Marie-Claud Latour (FSL)

2/3: Katie Hansen - LTO Kathleen Yaworski (full year) & Marie-Claude Latour (FSL)

3A: Cindy Smith & Lyn-Anne Cote (FSL)

3B: Jennifer Conway & Lyn-Anne Cote (FSL)


Junior Teachers:

4I & 5I: Christelle Hatano (French Immersion)

4I: Angela Habraken (Eng)

4/5 Krista Birch

4/5 Meagan Blais

4/5 Extended FSL: Nancy Kearnan

5/6I & 6I: Chantale Auger (French Immersion)

5/6 Shauna Kent

5/6 & 6 Andrew Boddy

5/6 Extended FSL: Marie-Claude Latour


Planning Time Teachers: Angela Habraken (Eng), Nancy Kearnan (FSL),   Marie-Claude Latour (FSL)


Resource Teachers: Samantha Harrington (K - 3) &Shauna Kent (Gr 4-6)


D.E. Unit:

Gillian Werthner (Teacher) beginning in October LTO  for Sept/ Oct to be determined

Linda Immetsberger, Mary LeBeau, Chantal Bertrand, One other SAA to be determined


Educational Assistants:

Claudia Baluch, Ashley Black, Dionne Fournier, Carla McHugh, Jennifer Pelletier, Melissa Simpson


Library Technician: Rosemarie Grieb


Office Administrator: Kerry Clarke


Head Custodian: Marcel Massey 

What are the main ways to stay in touch with the school?

The first contact should always be your child’s educators (information regarding this process will be provided directly from them to you).  The main school-wide contact will be through School Messenger, like this email, which will include upcoming events, emergency alerts and Board-wide events.  These messages will be duplicated on our website,fra.ocsb.ca where you will also see the calendar of events for the year as well as School Council Meeting Minutes.  Additionally, this OCSB School Calendar 2019-2020 link will list all of the PD days and holidays for the upcoming school year should you want to link it directly with your family calendar. Please follow us on twitter to see pictures and short videos of our day  @AssisiOCSB 

Does your child have an epi-pen, inhaler or need to take medication during the school day?

Please note that school board policy prevents any member of the school staff from administering medication to a student at school without written consent from both parents or guardians AND the physician prescribing the medication. This permission is obtained by filling out a Request and Consent to Administer Medication and have it signed by a doctor.  Additionally, those students who need an inhaler while at school will need an Asthma Management Plan completed as well. Both forms are linked to this email. Please drop off the medication (in its original packaging & clearly marked by the pharmacist) and signed paperwork the week before school starts. All completed paperwork needs to be re-submitted yearly.

Any other assessments your child has received?

If you have any new assessments for your child (educational, occupational therapy, speech) please hand them in to your educator team who will then consult with Mrs Harrington or Mrs Kent (resource teachers) and get back in touch with you.

What instructional supplies will my child need?

As per Board policy, our school will be providing basic essential school supplies to your children however, if your child has personal preferences they are welcome to bring their own supplies. If you would like to make a donation to the school we would welcome any of the following items: Kleenex, hand sanitizer, hand soap, ziplock bags (large and small), puzzles, Crayola markers, Lego and/or games for indoor recess. You may also wish to check with your child’s classroom teacher(s) to regarding other items if you wish to make a donation.  Many thanks for helping us!

All students will require a backpack, lunch bag, pencil case, water bottle &  indoor shoes (non-marking soles) Please label everything

 Boomerang Lunch:

As part of our Platinum School Environmental initiatives, we will be asking students to bring Boomerang snacks and lunches to school starting in September 2019.  This means all waste created during snacks and lunches that cannot be recycled or composted will be sent back home. Boomerang lunches are an integral part of the Eco Schools initiatives at St. Francis of Assisi. 


We will not be using a school produced agenda this year in an effort to be more mindful of our environment. We had a substantial amount left over last year that we recycled. However, we agree that students and their families highly benefit from a system in place to stay organized. You are welcome to purchase an agenda for your child or use the Google Calendar function associated with their student email.

Would you like to volunteer?

We appreciate all offers for parents/ guardians to volunteer!! To do so, you will need to obtain a Vulnerable Sector Check before you are able to do so. The process is fully detailed on our OCSB website here.

Additionally, we have a vibrant School Council that you are very welcome to join! We will be electing the new Parent Council on Monday, September 23, 2019 (7:00-8:30 PM) at our first meeting. All are welcome! You do not need to be a voting member or have a Vulnerable Sector Check to participate in the meetings. Meetings continue on the third Monday of each month from 7:00 - 8:30 PM.

How do I let the school know if my child is sick?

Please email the school Francis.Assisi@ocsb.ca  or phone the school  (613-830-3215) to let us know before the start of the day and include the child’s and educator’s name. As well,  let us know if they have a contagious condition such as pink eye, chickenpox, fifth disease or head lice. When making the decision whether or not your child should stay home, please note that children can not stay inside during recess time because we do not have adequate supervision.  


2019-2020 Student Transportation Information 

Transportation - The First Day of School

Starting a new school year can be a time of anxiety for students (and their parents). Staff focus on the first day is targeted on the goal of receiving students and sending them home safely. Rest assured that school staff are ready to greet your child and deliver them to their classroom first thing in the morning. Staff also have the required information to get your child to the correct location at the end of the day (childcare, bus, kiss and ride, etc.). The first day of school is carefully planned; staff organize the children, provide bus tags etc., and bus drivers check and double-check stops while getting to know the names and faces of the students on the route.  

Parents can help staff establish the routines by following the pickup and drop off methods for their child. It is highly recommended that, on the first days of school, your child follow their regular transportation routine. This will provide your child with the specific arrival and departure instructions and the opportunity to practice and establish transportation routines from day one. 

Route Information:

In order to secure a seat for your child from the first day of school, it is important that you ensure an accurate home or daycare address is in the school’s information system prior to July.  

Route information will be available to parents as of August 19th via the online Parent Portal. Student Transportation Information can also be found using the “Stop Finder” located on the main page of the OSTA website. Website: www.ottawaschoolbus.ca

Additional transportation information can be found here.

What is the procedure for Drop Off and Pick Up?

We are excited to announce that we have been accepted as one of the schools to participate in the School Active Transportation Project! We are looking to increase the number of students walking or wheeling to schools as well as improve the safety and traffic around the school. Our first meeting is this September so more information will be coming! You will notice that we have painted arrows on the parking lot pavement to indicate that no one should be parking in the roundabout in front of the school as this is a designated fire lane.

By Foot or Bike:

There is a crosswalk attendant that will support safe crossing on Charlemagne Blvd. Supervision will be on the yards between 9:00 AM and 9:15 AM. There is a designated crosswalk on our property to use if you are entering from Watters Rd that will be supported by one of our staff members. Please note that we will need an email or letter from parents/guardians giving us permission for the emergency contacts to pick up their child for that specific day. No other person will have permission to pick up your child except yourself and your emergency contacts.

 By Car:

The Kiss N’ Ride is the place to use to safely drop off and pick up your children. There will be a staff member there to help with this process up from 9:00 to  9:15 AM. We ask for your ongoing collaboration with this process to make sure it occurs as smoothly as possible. Please do not park in the parking lot as we need all available spaces for our staff members.  Additionally, we have two bus lanes at our school that can not be blocked during arrival and dismissal times (signs will be posted in the appropriate area). We are very pleased to have the opportunity to have a DE class in our school. This means in addition to the traditional school buses we also have small transportation buses that need the time to safely support the transportation of up to 10 students who are in wheelchairs at the front entrance of our school.  Thus please do not use our front entrance during these times as it impacts the safety of our very vulnerable students. 

Bus Information: 

There is a lot of information that you will need to know if your child takes the bus (how to determine bus stop location and time, who can pick up your child from the stop, etc.) It is all located here.

School Bus and Pedestrian Safety Day  There will be a School Bus and Pedestrian Safety Awareness Day on Sunday, August 25th, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. It is a great opportunity for your child to learn about being safe on their way to school. Click on the above link to see more details and to register!

Transportation on the Day your Child Starts School

Parents can help staff establish the routines by following the pickup and drop off methods for their child. It is highly recommended that on the first day of school your child follows their regular transportation routine. This will provide them with the specific arrival and departure instructions and the opportunity to practice and establish transportation routines from day one. 

Late Drop Off:

Please do not park in the round-about in front of the school as this is a designated fire lane. You will most likely need to park on the street. Then report to the office to sign your child in. We will then have an educator walk your child to the appropriate area of the school to join their class. Being late to school is not only disruptive to a smooth start to your child’s day but also disrupts our learning environment. Please help us to ensure everyone has a smooth start to their day!

Early Pick Up:

Please inform the main office by email: Francis.Assisi@ocsb.ca before 10 am, if your child will be leaving early from school due to an appointment. Once you arrive at the school, your child will be called to the office. End-of-day is a busy time for everyone so if you must pick your child up early for an appointment, please schedule the pickup before 3:00. Please keep early pick-ups to a minimum as we have exciting learning opportunities for your child all day long and establishing routines helps your child to feel more comfortable in their learning environment.

School Cash Online

School Cash Online is the method that we use for all payments at St Francis (i.e. pizza lunches, Spirit Wear, field trips). It is also a notification system to tell you when the deadline for purchasing items. You will need to register by  going to https://ocsb.schoolcashonline.com                                                           

The OFFICE will open  Monday, August 26 @ 9:30 am should you have any further questions

We are looking forward to the 2019/2020 school year! It is going to be a fantastic one!

Warm regards,

Michelle McGarry (Principal), Ms Kerry (OA)